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It takes perfect alignment for Can-Am Spyder to produce optimum handling and performance. A misalignment of only 1/8th of an inch will cause poor handling. Central Texas PowerSports uses specialized laser equipment that is based on the equipment used by NASCAR to precision align race cars.

Laser Alignment will extend tire life, save gas, and insures optimum handling from your Spyder or Slingshot. This pattented system aligns the front wheels to the contact patch of the rear wheel, not to the chassis the way the factory sets Spyders up.

Proper Alignment is the solution for: poor tire wear, drifting and poor gas mileage.

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Central Texas PowerSports maintains one of the largest inventories of Can-Am Spyders in Texas. Everything from basic F3 SM6 to the RT Limited Special Edition. We also maintain a large selection of parts, accessories, and gear for your Spyder.

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Central Texas PowerSports now offers Nitrogen Fill. Nitrogen Fill prolongs the life of your tires and ultimately saves you money.

Four ways Nitrogen Fill protects your tires:

  1. Pure nitrogen does not contain corrosive oxygen that rots rubber and corrodes wheels.
  2. Since nitrogen molecules are larger than compressed air molecules, your tire pressure remains more constant than with compressed air.
  3. Nitrogen does not include the traces of oil found in compressed oil that promote corrosion under inflation.
  4. 90% of tire failure is caused by under inflation. Since nitrogen keeps your tire pressure consistent you are less likely to ever experience tire failure.

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Central Texas PowerSports is proud of the large array of parts, accessories & apparel stocked for the Spyder enthusiast. If there is something you want, or need, that is not in the inventory, our knowledgeable parts department staff would be happy to special order the item for you.

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Spyder Technicians at Central Texas PowerSports were all Master Mechanics before becoming Can-Am Certified. Together they have more than 80 years of experience. Their expertise is an invaluable asset to both Central Texas PowerSports and our customers.

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